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Author Topic: Having trouble Getting my MIDI setup to work! help?  (Read 4164 times)
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« on: December 30, 2006, 10:59:04 AM »

I am new to these boards. I absolutely adore Jason's World of Warcraft work. It is amazing!

Sorry for the quick post, I am not able to introduce myself at this time. Once I get my website up and a few songs posted, I will provide a better introduction.

Now on to my problem. I have a YPT-300 Yamaha Keyboard And I bot an M-Audio USB Uno interface. I just wanted it to control my sounds on my computer. I am running on windows XP. The problem is, when using a notator  such as Finale or Sibelius, I can input like normal, but Every once in a while I will get a random low pitch. If I was to input middle C, there is a large chance that It would put the C but then another random really low pitch (10-15 ledger lines below the staff) would come up to. no Idea what is going on there.

As far as a DAW is concerned, the same problem happens where I will get a random low note. The difference is, in the notator, the low note doesn't have a pitch assigned so It's just a note, no sound. In the DAW, with my sounds, a pitch comes out and it is really halting my ability to use the keyboard to compose anything. Another problem happens as well, more in my DAW than in the notator, I would press a chord or a few notes and when I release on the keyboard, one or two of the notes stick. I would press again, say middle C but instead of release when I release the key, It holds out. In order to stop it I have to press the key down again and release. I hope you can help!

P.S. Something else that happens, and I have no idea if this is fixable, probably a USB thing, Whenever I press a key, it delays to come out of my speakers, or I would guess go through to the computer. like a split second later, the sound would come out.

Thanks I hope you can help. I can't wait to get my site up for you guys. Will let you know.


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