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Author Topic: This Wreckage  (Read 36512 times)
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« on: December 06, 2007, 03:07:41 PM »

This Wreckage is a huge singleplayer RPG map; a sequel to When the Freedom Slips Away.

The game follows the story of Guard Captain Henrik as he and the Empire's Expedition Force land at last on the other side of the ocean; and the ancient forces that stir at their arrival. In gameplay, it's one man against the world -- your hero, Henrik, must use various weapons and shields to defeat his enemies; however, he can gain allies upon completing certain quests. Its gameplay is different from its predecessor, in that instead of many different genres being explored, it is pure one-hero enemy-bashing in the style of the 'Rexxar' campaign.

There is a thread discussing the map and its specifics at; the project was also highlit some time ago, and I was interviewed about it here. The interview is probably the best place to start, for a light-hearted, light-weight overview of what I'm doing and where I'm going.


Currently for music, I am making use of three pieces from Unreal, two from Deus Ex and one from Unreal Tournament; plus the theme tune, Gary Numan's This Wreckage (a composer would not be required to re-record this in any manner Tongue). Hopefully that alone gives you an idea of the style of music I am looking for here. When the Freedom Slips Away used Ultravox's White China as its theme tune.

The map is split into five regions, and each requires three pieces of music: main, combat, and cinematic. All three of these should loop as best they can.

The beach is the first region, and currently makes use of "Shared Dig" (DigSh) from Unreal (featured in the Rajigar mines).
The second region is the temple; it uses Unreal's UTemple.
The third is the dank and dingy swamp -- using "Tunnels" from Deus Ex (featured for the command tunnels beneath Vandenberg).
The fourth region is the jungle; to the sound of "Wargate" from Unreal.
The final region is the total darkness (barring lights you carry, and rare holes in the ceiling) mountain cavern; using the quiet and mysterious "Hub 2" from Unreal.

After this, the finale begins: a stand-alone combat piece (currently filled by UT's "Go Down" (HyperBlast)), and then back to the usual trio from "Area 51 Bunker", from Deus Ex.


That's 19 pieces of music, which I understand would be a huge undertaking (hence my use of the above pieces -- the mod can ship without custom music, but it would be nice...). Ideally, I would desire a single composer to maintain consistency of style throughout.

The mod is entering its final stages of development, in that the main plot-line quests are complete. However, the map still requires much ancillary content; more side-quests, more random events... I also do not intend to release until as late as possible -- until all the bugs that can be found are eradicated. The map is currently almost 25Mb, and would be quite a nuisance to re-upload to map sites every five minutes (not to mention the hassle of fans re-downloading and re-playing a four-hour-or-more adventure so the game doesn't break half-way through).


Ideally, I'd love to work with somebody who has a passion for the same sort of music as myself; the sort of music that suffuses the map already. Another plus would be somebody who enjoys this kind of map; while feedback from my beta-testers has been good, I did hand-pick all of them from friends and people that enjoyed the first map. Tongue

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