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Author Topic: Brood War Aria Revisit  (Read 17111 times)
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« on: July 03, 2010, 09:11:36 PM »

Hi, Music By Jason Forums. I'm happy to be posting here for the first time because of a previous topic about the Brood War Aria, found here, but for the sake of clerical tidyness, I'll post a fresh topic rather than bump the old one.

Just recently, the mood struck me to listen to the Brood War OST out of pure, nerdy fanboyishness, for the first time in years—very likely since I first played B-Dub as a young lad.

Having studied Latin since that time, I was stricken by the immediate desire to know the Latin lyrics of the 'Brood War Aria' played in the intro cinematic. A quick google search furnished me with a set, which proved to be at least partially incorrect in both transcription and translation.

After a series of searches, checking the Brood War credits, and a few forums, I found out that the Brood War Aria was a collaboration between Blizzard maestros Glenn Stafford and Jason Hayes, which led me to the aforementioned thread. Jason Hayes had graciously provided the French operatic lyrics and translation, the Latin aria having been written—I assume—primarily by Glenn Stafford. Mr. Stafford not having a website or contact information available, much less a handy forum, the well-intentioned Tosstossinriver tried transcribing the Latin, and appended it to Hayes' lyrics, despite being unsure, and, self-admittedly, without being really able to hear many of the less audible parts at all. Unfortunately, those lyrics were taken at face value and circulated as correct—even without Tosstossinriver's disclaimer—and now appear on several forums and lyric sites, despite being merely a best guess.

I have a triply vested interest in the Latin lyrics, being a Latin scholar, a musician, and an avid Starcraft player. The first and third line are recognizably the famous phrase, "Morituri te salutant", but it becomes more ambiguous after that. I've listened to the track many times, and managed to pin down a word here and there—replacing the proposed "salutatis" with "salubatis" sounds closer, and the last line of Latin may be "Memor mori"—but most of it seems impenetrable to me. Does anyone know the actual Latin, or have a preternatural ear for this sort of thing?

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« Reply #1 on: July 08, 2010, 12:19:11 AM »

Unfortunately I don't know Latin and probably can't do any better than the previously existing attempts.

I mostly just wanted to comment on your user name: I like it. Smiley

Jason might be able to shed more light on the Latin, but he's become less visible since he started working for Carbine Studios (we curse thems!).

Also, even if he can shed it, he might not be allowed to. The legalities of game composition are problematic, because most times the composer(s) don't own the intellectual property to the finished work, and that might make them less likely to share details about their works. That's just an observation of mine, not necessarily an iron-clad truth, though.

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